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QlikView for Developers Cookbook
by Stephen Redmond

Discover the strategies needed to tackle the most challenging tasks facing the QlikView developer Overview
Learn beyond QlikView training Discover QlikView Advanced GUI development, advanced scripting, complex data modelling issues, and much more Accelerate the growth of your QlikView developer ability Based on over 7 yearsÂ’ experience of QlikView development Written in a handy Cookbook style with each recipe as a self-contained learning module
In Detail QlikView has been around since 1993, but has only really taken off in recent years as a leader in the in-memory BI space and, more recently, in the data discovery area. QlikView features the ability to consolidate relevant data from multiple sources into a single application, as well as an associative data model to allow you to explore the data to a way your brain works, state-of-the-art visualizations, dashboard, analysis and reports, and mobile data access. QlikView for Developers Cookbook builds on your initial training and experiences with QlikView to help you become a better developer. This book features plenty of hands-on examples of many challenging functions. Assuming a basic understanding of QlikView development, this book provides a range of step-by-step exercises to teach you different subjects to help build your QlikView developer expertise. From advanced charting and layout to set analysis; from advanced aggregations through to scripting, performance, and security, this book will cover all the areas that you need to know about. The recipes in this book will give you a lot of the information that you need to become an excellent QlikView developer. What you will learn from this book
Use QlikView charts to create more advanced visualizations Layout your screen and use different color schemes Get to grips with set analysis Use Total and AGGR for advanced aggregations Use macros to perform advanced tasks Overcome data modelling challenges Use some of the most useful functions in QlikView Write great script Improve the performance of your application Secure your application
Approach The recipes in this Cookbook provide a concise yet practical guide on how to become an excellent QlikView developer. The book begins with intermediate level recipes and then moves on to more complex recipes in an incremental manner. Who this book is written for This book is for anyone who has either attended QlikView Developer training or has taught themselves QlikView from books or online sources. You might be working for a QlikView customer, partner, or even QlikView themselves (or want to!) and want to improve your QlikView skills.

Payroll Accounting 2014 (with Computerized Payroll Accounting Software CD-ROM)
by Judith A. Toland

Prepare for career success with first-hand experience in calculating payroll, completing payroll taxes, and preparing payroll records and reports. The 2014 edition of Bieg/Toland's market-leading text addresses all of the latest laws on payroll. The text focuses on applications rather than theory, and includes strong end-of-chapter material that reinforces concepts and provides valuable hands-on learning experiences. Numerous new examples and real business applications enliven this edition and demonstrate the relevance of the material. An extensive payroll project within the last chapter of the book gives students the opportunity to practice all they have learned, either manually or using Payroll Accounting software included with the text.

Wiley GAAP 2014: Interpretation and Application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
by Joanne M. Flood

The most practical, authoritative guide to GAAPWiley GAAP 2014 contains complete coverage of all levels of GAAP, indexed to the ASC. Wiley GAAP renders GAAP more understandable and accessible for research, and has been designed to reduce the amount of time and effort needed to solve accounting research issues. Providing interpretive guidance and a wealth of real-world, content-rich examples and illustrations, this invaluable guide offers clear, user-friendly guidance on every pronouncement including FASB Technical Bulletins, AcSEC Practice Bulletins, FASB Implementation Guides, AICPA Statements of Position, and AICPA Accounting Interpretations.

Offers insight into the application of complex financial reporting rules
Contains detailed index for easy reference use
Includes a comprehensive cross-reference of accounting topics to the FASB codification system

With easy-to-access information, this reliable resource offers complete coverage of the entire GAAP hierarchy.

Wiley GAAP 2014: Interpretation and Application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Set (Wiley Gaap (Book & CD-Rom))
by Joanne M. Flood

Wiley GAAP 2014 is a thorough study and analysis of all generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) set forth in the pronouncements of the FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) and its predecessor agencies. Additionally, this useful guide contains AICPA Accounting Standards Executive Committee (ASEC) Statements of position. All pronouncements are explained with relevant terminology and practice-oriented real world examples. Each chapter is composed of a discussion of perspectives and issues, sources of GAAP, a definition of terms, concepts, rules and examples, and for some chapters, specific appendices