• Pulse



"Deep down he knew what he felt. He knew that he had done it. He was sure of that. He had felt it leave his body. He had felt the surge of power. He didn’t know exactly how he had done it, or if he could do it again, but for that moment he knew he had tapped into something that was going to change the world. And it felt good." Pulse is the debut supernatural / sci-fi thriller from author Matthew Wade. Robert Finlay has been hurt. He is lying in hospital on the edge of life and death. But when he wakes he finds he is a changed young man. On the day he discovers he has a strange supernatural power that he can use at will, he also discovers his life will never be the same again, as his he is gaining unwanted attention from those who seek to use him for their own devices. Infected with an alien power and wanted by the government, Robert Finlay must escape a determined assassin with his life. Aided by his twin sister Maggie and people they meet on the road, they race to save Robert before time runs out. The reviews are in! "A brilliant debut novel from this new young author." "Pulse starts at 90mph and cranks up the pace from there. Couldn't put it down." "I have read hundreds of sci-fi and supernatural thrillers, but this grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go until the heart stopping end."

  • ISBN: 154983133X
  • ISBN-10: 154983133X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1549831331
  • Language: English
  • Number Of Pages: 348